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Girotondo at FICO

Saturday, October 19 at 11:00 am, Dulcop awaits you at FICO Eataly World for the biggest Ring around the Rosie of the world! Of course there will be our soap bubbles and lots of kid labs. The sale of our BUBBLE WORLD line will continue on Sunday 20th. Come join us!

Dulcop, a company looking towards a sustainable future

The environment matters, as does a company’s choices. Dulcop knows it, that’s why in the last years it chose to rely on a circular economic model that reduces the waste and promotes its reuse.

One of the activities that reflects this choice is the recovery of plastic scraps. Every month, around 2.600 kg are refurbished from a third company, assuring these scraps a new life.

Another activity that reflects the circular economic model is the partnership with Prs Green Label for a project of recovery, refurbishment and reuse of pallets.

Thanks to this project, PRS is able to save 400,000 trees per year; around 1000 per day! Thus, the choice of this partner is no coincidence, but comes from the will to contribute to the reduction of environmental impact and to look towards a sustainable future.

“Blow against the walls” is back!

Dulcop renews its partnership with the artisc duo Antonello Ghezzi for the performance «Blow against the walls», to take down together the walls of the world.

We are looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, September 28 at Palazzo D’Accursio in Bologna with our soap bubbles!

DULCOP together with “Piccolo Grandi Cuori” Association

Sunday September 30th Dulcop will support Piccoli Grandi Cuori Onlus during the Heart Happening, that will be held in Bologna (Giardini Margherita, Piazzale Jacchia).

The event is free and open to all citizens and wants to raise awareness on heart, health and prevention. Moreover, it wants to give space to the Association mission, that is to inform about congenital heart diseases, which unfortunately affect 8X1000 of children born alive in Italy. This will also be an opportunity to reflect on the importance of giving, solidarity, hospitality and active and volunteering participation in order to build a better Community.

Dulcop is proud to give its contribution through an art lab, where our Charity soap bubble line and children’s creativity will be in the front row.